This is a lose collection of teaching materials for the Twine workshop I organised for the 2016 Cambridge Festival of Ideas, and which was co-facilitated with Dr Helen Marshall. Included below are background materials, tutorials, useful ‘cheatsheets,’ links to a few exemplary Twine games. (Please note that none of the content I am linking to is my own).



Twine 2 homepage

Twine 2 guide

Twine 2 reference manual for the Harlowe story template

Another basic Twine intro tutorial (PDF)

Excellent series of Twine tutorial videos (the first three are particularly useful)

Twine PDF ‘cheatsheet

Useful Twine workshop sheet from the Univ. of Toronto

Advanced formatting/styling tutorial

Helpful Twine help site (designed in Twine!)

Twine story file for downloading, with formatting-and-styling-examples. [Download, then import the file into Twine. The individual passages include simple coding examples.]]


Twine authors and games/texts:

Anna Anthropy’s website (built in Twine) and basic Twine tutorial. Some of her excellent games include: Town,

Porpentine’s website and a few of her games High End Customizable Sauna Experience, Howling Dogs

Hannah Powell-Smith’s website and her game swept up (plus download of the game’s Twine code!

Zoe Quinn’s Depression Quest

The ‘Fear of Twine‘ online exhibition of games

Samantha Vick’s The Axolotl Project

Michael Lutz’s My Father’s Long Long Legs


Nonlinear and interactive literature – literary backgrounds, analog examples, Choose-your-own-adventure books, interactive fiction (IF), etc.:

Borges’ The Garden of Forking Paths and Library of Babel

Raymond Queneau’s A Hundred Thousand Billion Poems


Lost Pig (and walkthrough)

Need inspiration for how to get started on a new storyline? Try the ‘random dialogue generator‘!