Martin Zeilinger

Symposium on the Convergence of Gamification & Financialisation

Abertay University, Dundee/UK
[posted: 31 May 2024]
>>tags: gamification, financialisation, symposium, research network



Key information

Organised by Dr. Darshana Jayemanne and Dr. Martin Zeilinger

Keynote lecture by Dr. Rachel O’Dwyer (National College of Art & Design, Dublin)

Hosted in-person at Abertay University (Dundee/UK), with funding support from the Royal Society of Edinburg (RSE) (remote presentations can be arranged)

Important dates: Symposium: May 31 - June 1 2024; Abstract submission: April 8.

Format: 20-minute presentations (submission: 200 word abstract & 100 word bio)

Contact, questions and abstract submissions:

We are pleased to invite submissions for an interdisciplinary symposium focusing on the convergence between gamification (the practice of adding game mechanics to non-game environments) and financialisation (the inclusion of financial processes in non-finance contexts). When playful activities are becoming more and more financialised (such as in monetised casual videogames) and when financial activities are becoming more and more gamified (such as in many online banking and investment apps), how does this impact our attitudes towards finance, money, and the value of attention? In light of such trends, how should we rethink the concept of play?

We invite abstracts for presentations that reflect critically on the convergence of gamification and financialisation, for example through case studies, theorisation, outlines for future research to be undertaken, or speculative design projects. With an emphasis on the interdisciplinary nature of this complex topic cluster, we invite submissions from researchers and designers with wide-ranging expertise and interests, including (but not limited to) game studies, internet studies, economics, cultural theory, sociology, critical finance, capitalism studies, technology, and digital art.

Topics of discussion could include:

  • Financialised play in online multiplayer videogames
  • The gamified web3
  • Monetisation strategies in digital games, such as lootboxes
  • Influencers and gamified structures/behaviours
  • Analysis of gamified finance platforms (online banking, investment, etc.)
  • Gamified fintech (NFTs, blockchain projects, blockchain games)
  • Monetisation strategies of specific games - typologies and histories
  • Policy, law and regulation of gamification and financialisation
  • Cultural, spatial and temporal aspects of gamified finance and/or financialised play

The symposium will feature academic presentations, networking opportunities, and a workshop/play event during which a RPG-boardgame on the network theme will be presented. We are delighted to host Dr. Rachel O’Dwyer as our keynote speaker for the symposium. Rachel is a lecturer at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, and author of the recently published, highly acclaimed Tokens: The Future of Money in the Age of the Platform (Verso 2023).

Note that there will be opportunity for symposium presentations to be included in a peer-reviewed journal special issue or co-edited book (details to be determined).

We hope that you can join us, and look forward to welcoming you in Dundee, the UNESCO City of Design!