I’m a Linz / Vienna / Toronto / London transplant, currently trying to settle into life in post-referendum UK. I work as an interdisciplinary researcher, curator, and media practitioner, and am interested, arguably, in too many things: conceptual art and appropriation, digital art and financial technologies, cultural ownership and intellectual property, political economies of new media, live coding and creative computing, videogame culture and experimental game art. Et cetera.

Currently I am co-curator of the Toronto-based Vector New Media Art Festival, and Lecturer in Media at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

In 2017, I will be a resident at Akademie Solitude, and (if all goes well) bring the international symposium MoneyLab to the UK for the first time.

I can also be found @mrtnzlngr, at ARU, and over here.

>> Fresh off the press: my article “Digital Art as ‘Monetised Graphics’: Enforcing Intellectual Property on the Blockchain,” published in Philosophy & Technology, is now available for free reading/downloading/sharing here. <<