I am an interdisciplinary researcher, curator, and media practitioner interested in the contingencies of creative expression and critical agency in the age of ‘culture-as-property.’ This interest often translates into a focus on issues of cultural ownership, on paradigmatic shifts in current conceptions of originality and creativity, and on the conflicted interplay between the discursive planes on which these topics are negotiated (art – theory – play – the law – political economy – &c.). With a focus on these issues, I’ve recently taken up a position as Lecturer in Media at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

My publications and teaching activities have focused on appropriation art in its many analog and digital facets, on intellectual property theory, on political economies of sharing and collaborative creativity, on digital game culture, experimental media art, and creative coding. My research on digital intellectual property issues has led me to become a convener at the Osnabrück Summer Institute for the Cultural Study of Law (OSI) and to become involved (in a consulting capacity) in a few interesting legal disputes (such as this one).

As a curator, my main project is the Toronto-based Vector Game Art & New Media Festival, which I co-organize with Skot Deeming and InterAccess. I also maintain a modest practice in video and film and am beginning to focus on critical/artistic applications involving creative coding – specifically live coding – and interactive work involving physical computing (all things for which I wish I had a lot more time).