Welcome to my (infrequently updated) website –

I am a London-based interdisciplinary researcher, curator, and media practitioner, and work as Senior Lecturer in Media at Anglia Ruskin University. My work focuses on digital art and financial technologies, appropriation-based art practices, cultural ownership and intellectual property, political economies of new media, live coding and creative computing, videogame culture, and experimental game art.

This year I was a fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart/Germany. Additionally, I am co-curator of the Toronto-based Vector New Media Art Festival, co-convener of the Digital Art Research Group (DARG) at Cambridge University, and involved in organising MoneyLab in the UK for the first time in early 2018.

I can also be found @mrtnzlngr and over here.

>> Recently published: “Digital Art as ‘Monetised Graphics’: Enforcing Intellectual Property on the Blockchain,” Philosophy & Technology. Open Access for reading/downloading/sharing here. <<