_Martin Zeilinger


I am London-based interdisciplinary researcher, curator, and media practitioner.

Currently I work as Senior Lecturer in Media at Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge/UK), and also serve as curator of the Vector Festival (Toronto/CAN).

At the moment I am working on completing a monograph, tentatively titled Digital Art and the Ends of Appropriation, and co-editing, with Ashley Scarlett, a special issue entitled ‘Rethinking Affordance’ for Media Theory.

My research interests include digital art, appropriation-based art practices, experimental uses of financial technologies in contemporary art, theories of cultural ownership and intellectual property, political economies of new media, live coding and creative computing, and aspects of experimental videogame culture.

I can be reached through this contact form or at my institutional email, martin [.] zeilinger [@] anglia.ac.uk.

This website is quasi-permanently under construction, and the outcome of my tinkering with open source coding tools (such as Ruby, Liquid, YAML, Sass, and Git), and is built in Jekyll. In case the site is misbehaving, here are some upcoming/recent activities & an external link to copies of my academic work. Last updated 29 June 2019)


“Rethinking Affordance,” a 2019 special issue of the open access journal Media Theory, co-edited with Ashley Scarlett (ACAD, Calgary/CAN). Ongoing documentation and contributions linked to an exhibition and symposium on the same topic, organised at Akademie Solitude, Stuttgart/Germany (May/June 2018, can be found on Schloss-Post)

_recently published:

Survival Interventions in GTA: on the Limits of Performance in Virtual Environments,” Video Game Art Reader 2 (Feb 2019)

First as Snapshot, Then as Decentralised Digital Asset,” Photographers’ Gallery, unthinking.photography (Oct 2018)

Plotting Critical Research-Practice in Digital Art,” in Parsing Digital, ed. Sally Golding, London: Austrian Cultural Forum (Sept 2018)

Digital Art Between Fintech Mysticism and Fintech Activism,” in Ed. Geert Lovink et al, Moneylab Reader Vol. 2, Amsterdam: Institute for Network Culture: 2018, 75-86.