Martin Zeilinger



“The Politics of Visual Indeterminacy in Abstract AI Art”
Leonardo – journal article
tags: AI art, visual indeterminacy, abstraction, image recognition

“Agential Assemblage & Tactical AI – Two Contributions to ‘Chimeras: Inventory of Synthetic Cognition’“
Chimeras (Onassis Foundation) – book chapter
tags: AI art, agency, posthumanism, tactical AI, agential assemblages, digital art

“Towards a Non-Totalizing Metaverse”
TBD – book chapter
tags: metaverse, virtual Reality, VR, interface experiments, digital art

“AI Art as Hyperobject-Like Portal to Global Warming”
xCoAX 2022 Proceedings – essay
tags: AI art, hyperobjects, anthropocene, global warming, digital art


“Generative Adversarial Copy Machines”
Culture Machine (special issue on machine intelligence) – journal article
tags: AI art, GANs, posthumanism, agency, intellectual property

“OUT NOW: Tactical Entanglements: AI Art, Creative Agency, and the Limits of Intellectual Property”
Meson Press – monograph
tags: AI, AI art, digital art, intellectual property, agency, posthumanism, tactical media

“‘Chaotic Lawful’: Teaching Videogames in a Licensing and Permissions Lacuna”
Journal of Cinema and Media Studies (JCMS) Teaching Media Dossier – journal article
tags: game studies, COVID-19, online teaching, educational licensing, intellectual property


“Emerging ownership models on the blockchain”
Frontiers in Blockchain – special issue
tags: blockchain, fintech, ownership, intellectual property, creative industries


“Rethinking Affordance”
Media Theory – journal special issue
tags: affordance theory, digital art, design, media theory, media art history

“Survival Interventions in GTA & the Limits of Performance in Virtual Environments”
Video Game Art Reader Vol. 2 – journal article
tags: performance art, game art

“‘Vertiginous Data’ curatorial essay, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea”
Vertiginous Data (exhibition catalogue) – essay
tags: crypto, digital art, blockchain, copyright, curatorial essay


“Plotting Critical Research Practice in Digital Art”
Parsing Digital – book chapter
tags: digital art, computer art, creative coding, research-practice

“First as Snapshot, Then as Decentralised Digital Asset”
Unthinking.Photography (online journal) – online article
tags: crypto, digital art, fintech, photography, blockchain

“Digital Art as ‘Monetised Graphics:’ Enforcing IP on the Blockchain”
Philosophy & Technology – journal article
tags: copyright, digital art, financialization, blockchain, art market

“Digital Art Between Algomysticism & Fintech Activism”
MoneyLab Reader Vol. 2 – book chapter
tags: crypto, digital art, blockchain


“Métic Action in Digital Culture”
Platform Journal – journal article
tags: cunning, biopower, metis, activism

“Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know about the Blockchain* (*But Were Afraid to Ask Mel Ramsden)”
Artist Re:Thinking the Blockchain – book chapter
tags: crypto, digital art, conceptual art, fintech


“Live Coding the Law: Improvisation, Code & Copyright”
Computer Music Journal – journal article
tags: music, live coding, IP, copyright


“Chiptuning IP Between Creative Commons and Moral Economy”
IASPM Journal – journal article
tags: music, IP, copyright, Creative Commons