_Martin Zeilinger

_writing (list)


“Survival Interventions in GTA & the Limits of Performance in Virtual Environments” Read
Tags: performance art, game art.


“Plotting Critical Research Practice in Digital Art” Read
Tags: digital art, computer art, creative coding, research-practice.

“First as Snapshot, Then as Decentralised Digital Asset” Read
Tags: crypto, digital art, fintech, photography, blockchain.

“Digital Art as ‘Monetised Graphics:’ Enforcing IP on the Blockchain” Read
Tags: copyright, digital art, financialization, blockchain, art market.

“Digital Art Between Algomysticism & Fintech Activism” Read
Tags: crypto, digital art, blockchain.


“Métic Action in Digital Culture” Read
Tags: cunning, biopower, metis, activism.

“Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know about the Blockchain* (*But Were Afraid to Ask Mel Ramsden)” Read
Tags: crypto, digital art, conceptual art, fintech.


“Live Coding the Law: Improvisation, Code & Copyright” Read
Tags: music, live coding, IP, copyright.


“Chiptuning IP Between Creative Commons and Moral Economy” Read
Tags: music, IP, copyright, Creative Commons.