Martin Zeilinger

Zones of Exclusivity & Structures of Belonging

Aksioma, Ljubljana/Slovenia
[posted: 12 November 2022]
>>tags: blockchain, token-gating, NFTs, blockchain art, activism, commons

Nov 12, 2022, 17:00-18:30 CET Free live-stream from the Aksioma symposium “From Commons to NFTs”, for a panel also featuring Jaya Klara Brekke and Felix Stalder, and moderated by Inte Gloerich

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Panel description: A peer-2-peer world without hierarchies, global unmediated connectivity, equal democratic participation across differences; claims of revolutionary potential have surrounded internet technologies from very early on, with blockchain technology being the most recent example. The emerging hypes around NFTs in and beyond the artworld, and the potential of DAOs as an alternative way to organise and govern communities and their resources, are adding new fuel to the fire, raising hopes for more inclusive markets and self-determination. People engaging with blockchain often express a desire for a different world. Yet, the social dynamics that mainstream blockchain projects produce usually remain firmly rooted in a status quo that idolises private ownership and rewards early adopters. Are alternatives possible? What besides ownership is being desired in blockchain experiments? Can blockchains break free from capitalist logics, or does the tokenisation inherent in their systems prevent any potential in this direction? In this session we take a closer look at the desires encoded in blockchain, DAO and NFT projects, and explore what a vision of a truly different world with blockchain could look like.

(I’ll post a video when it becomes available.)