Martin Zeilinger
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Research and curation in:

  • AI art
  • art and criticism on/of the blockchain
  • intellectual property & cultural ownership issues in digital art
  • experimental videogame culture

Senior Lecturer in Computational Arts and Technology at Abertay University in Dundee/Scotland.


_recent and upcoming:

'Generative Adversarial Copy Machines'
Aug 01 2021 -- writing

'Crypto Art Panel (title tbd) – Vector Festival 2021'
Jul 15 2021 -- talk

'Shaping the Future Synthetic Realities panel discussion'
May 14 2021 -- talk

'On the Conceptual Affordances of Blockchain Art'
May 13 2021 -- talk

'Machinima as Creative Practice & Critical Intervention'
May 05 2021 -- talk

'‘Chaotic Lawful’: Teaching Videogames in a Licensing and Permissions Lacuna'
Mar 16 2021 -- writing

book cover

meson press (April 2021)

Available as paperback and Open Access eBook