Martin Zeilinger
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Research and curation in

- digital art
- artificial intelligence
- art and criticism on/of the blockchain
- intellectual property issues in digital art
- experimental videogame culture

Senior Lecturer in Computational Arts and Technology at Abertay University in Dundee/Scotland.


_upcoming and recent:

Symposium on the Convergence of Gamification & Financialisation Abertay University, Dundee/UK
May 31 2024 -- symposium

RPG Co-Creation Workshop on Gamification & Financialisation Abertay University, Dundee/UK
Nov 24 2023 -- workshop

Media Art History conference presentation on AI and new anxieties of influence Venice
Sep 13 2023 -- Conference presentation

ISEA 2023 panel co-organised by Joseph DeLappe and Laura Leuzzi Paris
May 20 2023 -- Conference presentation

Taxation without Representation
Feb 20 2023 -- Art criticism

RSE Case study: Improving awareness of issues at the intersection of 'gamification' and 'financialisation'
Feb 07 2023 -- Case study

A Digital Art Revolution?
Feb 07 2023 -- Commentary

Structures of Belonging launch event /rosa Zentrum für Netzkunst, Berlin/Germany
Feb 03 2023 -- Talk

Structures of Belonging Aksioma Postscriptum series
Feb 01 2023 -- Art criticism

Podcast release – Radio Web MACBA, Son[i]a no. 363
Jan 12 2023 -- Podcast

Blockchain Futures Between Immutability and Radical Change Bergen Center for Electronic Art (BEK), Norway
Nov 11 2022 -- Keynote lecture

Blockchain Vitalism
Nov 07 2022 -- Art criticism

The Politics of Visual Indeterminacy in Abstract AI Art Leonardo
Oct 20 2022 -- Journal article

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Aksioma Postscriptum Series (January 2023)

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