Martin Zeilinger

Métic Action in Digital Culture

journal article

[posted: 10 October 2017]
>>tags: cunning, biopower, metis, activism

Published (Open Access) in Platform Journal 8.1 (2017), in an open access special issue edited by Christopher O’Neill.


This essay explores how mētis – here understood as the appropriation of dominant power and its inscription in the resistant force of alternative practices – can serve as a framing device for theorising tactical practices of digital culture. Revisiting critical discourses on mētis here serves as a framework for arguing that digital practices can simultaneously exist within and without (i.e., against) capital, and as such can become a viable oppositional stance that derives its power from precisely the contradictions that also delineate its limits of criticality. My discussion is linked to theories of appropriation, biopower, the multitude, and cognitive capitalism; my arguments are supported by reference to a series of examples in the form of experimental media art works which, as I argue, inhabit the critical potential of digital mētic action.