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panel discussion (Online)
[posted: 24 August 2022]
>>tags: commons, NFTs, blockchain art, authorship, licensing, Creative Commons

Panel discussion feat. Constant Dullaart, Gabi Schulte-Lünzum, Ulrike Fladerer, and myself, taking place on August 24, 6pm CET. Free to join, sign-up info is below. is a joint project of NRW-Forum/Kunstpalast Düsseldorf and Museum Ulm.

Event listing:

“In a world where we have long since become at home on the Internet and share our lives, questions about authorship and licensing rights have arisen not only since the invention of NFTs. The non-profit organization Creative Commons has been working since 2001 for the simple and concrete handling of works on the internet by publishing license agreements in which authors can determine the rights of use to their works such as images, texts, music pieces, videos, etc. This can open up new freedoms for artists, public and educational institutions, as well as interested private individuals. But what is the future of authorship? What do Creative Common licenses mean for art? How do artists use Open Data? Are there new formats of licensing rights? How to create freely accessible works that are actually used regarding production and reception? What is the anarchist and anti-capitalist potential of Open Data?”

Join here (Zoom) (I’ll post a video when it becomes available.)