Martin Zeilinger

IP, AI, and Digital Art

[posted: 20 March 2019]
>>tags: intellectual property, AI, digital art

Teaching a guest seminar at Gent University’s Doctoral School for Law and Literature on March 20.

The session will address emerging intellectual property issues related to the increasingly important role artificial intelligence plays in digital culture and technology.

In particular, emerging legal disputes related to the use of AI in contemporary art practices will form the context for discussion. In considering such disputes, we will explore questions including the following: How should authorship rights be assigned when an artwork is created by an artificial intelligence? In what ways is our understanding of authorship reshaped by the emergence of so-called ‘creative’ algorithmic entities? How does the (presumed) emergence of non-human creative agency impact ontologies of ’the work of art,’ and what legal implications does this development have? Can established IP provisions (copyright, patents, etc.) apply to issues surrounding the sale, exhibition, or manipulation of such works?