Martin Zeilinger

MoneyLab #7 workshop: 'How Will the Tooth Fairy Pay You on Planet Cashless?''

[posted: 12 November 2019]
>>tags: fintech, MoneyLab, cashlessness

Join Furtherfield’s Ruth Catlow and me for a workshop at MoneyLab #7 in Amsterdam next week.

The workshop extends and rethinks a collaboration we began at Furtherfield earlier this year. Some details are included in this blog post Ruth and I wrote up for the MoneyLab site a couple of weeks ago.

… we asked ourselves how we might better recognise the impacts on those individuals and communities that will be most affected by a move towards ‘cashlessness,’ and how they might come together in resisting these impacts? How can resistance tactics, ideas about alternatives, and the support of solidarity movements be shared and coordinated amongst affected communities?

The full program for MoneyLab #7: Outside of Finance looks as amazing as ever, and I’m excited to be part of it again.

(Image credit: Studio Hyte, for the Planet Cashless 2029 project.)