Martin Zeilinger

Podcast release – Radio Web MACBA, Son[i]a no. 363


[posted: 12 January 2023]
>>tags: blockchain art, digital commons, DAOs, NFTs

The excellent team from Radio Web MACBA have recorded an episode of their Son[i]a podcast with me. The Son[i]a expanded radio project has recorded interviews and conversations with artists, researchers, curators, and theorists since for over 15 years.

The full episode is available for online listening here, and can also be downloaded on all major podcast platforms.

Episode blurb from the project website:

“In this podcast, we talk to Martin Zeilinger about the poetic and political potential of the blockchain, while at the same time tracing a somewhat fuzzy timeline that connects 1960s conceptual art to smart contracts, decentralised autonomous organisations and a host of consensus mechanisms.”