Martin Zeilinger

Website of Martin Zeilinger, Senior Lecturer in Computational Arts and Technology at Abertay University in Dundee/Scotland.

Research and curation in:

  • AI art
  • art and criticism on/of the blockchain
  • intellectual property and cultural ownership issues in digital art
  • experimental videogame culture



Zones of Exclusivity & Structures of Belonging
Nov 12 2022 (talk) >>

Blockchain Futures Between Immutability and Radical Change
Nov 11 2022 (talk) >>

Platform Speaker Series guest lecture: Adrian Hon
Oct 27 2022 (talk) >>

The Politics of Visual Indeterminacy in Abstract AI Art
Oct 20 2022 (writing) >>

Thoughts on Free Data
Aug 24 2022 (talk) >>

Agential Assemblage & Tactical AI – Two Contributions to 'Chimeras: Inventory of Synthetic Cognition'
Aug 08 2022 (writing) >>

Joining the Editorial Board of the Scottish University Press (Open Access)
Aug 03 2022 (news) >>

Towards a Non-Totalizing Metaverse
Jul 18 2022 (writing) >>

book cover

meson press April 2021

Available as paperback and Open Access eBook (PDF)